Circular Histogram by Patrick Sabourin

Click to run the Circular Histogram Applet!

Instructions: If you have never used the Circular Histogram applet, you can read the instructions here.

Matlab users: You can download the circplot.m M-file from this link. This will allow you to save the histograms in your favorite graphic format.

MAC users: This applet will only work on the MACOS X platform. If you are using MACOS 9 or below and can't use the Matlab version, send an email to

Note: Because the preceding applet uses the Swing 1.1 API, it requires Java Plug-in 1.1.2 or Java Plug-in 1.2. It won't work with Java Plug-in 1.1.1 or uncustomized 1.1 browsers.  You can automatically download and install the latest Plug-in from the Sun Web site.  Download and install the Java Plug-in now!