Factor Diagrammer

Factor Diagrammer is a program to draw diagrams of hierarchical factor structures for factor analysis. The widths and spacings are effortlessly and accurately adjusted, in contrast with the days of making these by hand.

Written in Java, it is entirely cross-platform. You will need Java 1.4 though. If this program doesn't work on your system, you may need newer Java software from Sun.

Cross-platform download: FactorDiagrammer_110b.zip (68 kB)

  • November 12, '05: Version 1.1b released. Major internal overhaul, including a thorough rewrite of almost all layout code, fixing a problem with box widths
    • The layout code is now very modular to ensure correctness.
    • The layout algorithm has been significantly improved.

This software is made available as freeware. Use of the application
is free and unrestricted, provided that proper attribution is given
as follows:

Levitin, D. J., Schaaf, A. & Goldberg, L. R. (2005). Factor
diagrammer (Version 1.1b) [computer software]. Montreal: McGill

No warranty is made, expressed or implied.