Daniel Levitin is an award-winning scientist, musician, author and record producer.

He is the author of three consecutive #1 bestselling books: This Is Your Brain on Music, The World in Six Songs and The Organized Mind. He is also the James McGill Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, where he runs the Laboratory for Music Cognition, Perception and Expertise.

Oct 11, 2015 - Wshington, DC 20008
Oct 13, 2015 - New York, NY 10036
Oct 14, 2015 - Cambridge, MA 02138
Nov 16, 2015 - Toronto, ON


Why it’s so hard to pay attention, explained by science.

Today, each of us individually generates more information than ever before in human history. Our world is now awash in an unprecedented volume of data. The trouble is, our brains haven’t evolved to be able to process it all.

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